Rare Earth Elements


Technological advancements have made rare earth elements more important and have facilitated new technical applications in all phases of our lives.  From military applications, renewable energy, hybrid cars, smart phone etc. is responsible for the increase in demand for rare earth elements.  Considering the increases for demand it is imperative to identify alternate produces and production methods for REE outside of China.  Rare Earth Elements (REE) are expensive and used in a wide variety of high-technology applications. However, China controls the worldwide supply of REE with the US importing 78% of its current needs from China. In addition, the only operating REE mine in the US at Mountain Pass, California is sending its REE production to China for processing. The US Federal Government considers this unacceptable and is formulating a program to support REE exploration, production and processing within the US.  Reextract, Inc.  (“REEX”) is a Delaware corporation that has developed and has access to proprietary technology and workflows to extract rare earth elements from mines and mining wastes.

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