Resources Extraction

Resourcesxtract (“REX”) was formed by experienced energy industry professionals possessing varied technical and managerial backgrounds. The company was formed to deal with Extraction of valuable resources cost effectively and environmentally friendly.  We have formed three entities that use very similar technologies for different extraction areas.  REExtract uses very high-powered magnetic fields at very low energy consumption to extract rare earth elements from mining tailings without the use of toxic chemicals.  H2Oxtract uses similar magnetic technology to quickly and efficiently separate produced formation fluids into oil, water and particulate matter.  This produces more hydrocarbons from the fluid faster.  The water, which is cleaner, and has less particulate matter can be disposed of environmentally friendly or with desalination can be used for hydraulic fracturing.  This is a tremendous advantage in that operators in unconventional resources do not need to dispose of water in saltwater disposal wells and do not need to use fresh water for hydraulic fracturing.  Oilxtract provides for better separation of oils sand deposits.  These deposits are mined and put through a process of surfactant separation which leaves in excess of 10 percent of the oil remaining in the sand.  The Oilxtract process removes the remaining oil from the sands that can then be disposed of environmentally friendly and the water returned the water sheds.

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