H2O Extraction

Unconventional oil and gas development use a tremendous amount of water for multi-stage hydraulic fracturing (HF) to increase production from low porosity and low permeability reservoirs.  Each well can use on the order of one million gallons of relatively fresh water for hydraulic fracturing.  In addition, production of oil and gas from these wells also produces a tremendous amount of brine formation water.  In the Permian basin for example the amount of water produced with the hydrocarbons can amount to 30% to 90% of production, this is called the water cut.  Today, after separation of hydrocarbons and particulate matter the brine formation water is injected into Saltwater Disposal wells (SWD).  The cost of disposal today in the Permian is on the order of $2.00 per Barrel (BBL).  Wood Mackenzie estimates this cost could rise to $6.00/BBL by 2025 and could account for 20% of operating costs.  As well, the cost to purchase water for HF is on the order of $0.50 to $3.00 per BBL.  Considering the increases for demand it is imperative to identify alternatives to SWD and sources for HF water.  H20xtract is a fully owned subsidiary of Resourcesxtract, Inc.  (“REX”) is a Delaware corporation that is developing proprietary workflows and has access to proprietary and patented technology to separate oil and particulate matter from produced fluids economically and environmentally friendly that can be treated and reused for hydraulic fracturing. This will effectively eliminate SWD and provide the source for HF.  In addition to preparing produced formation water for HF, the technology can also be used for better and more complete separation of oil, water and particulate matter.  This allows for more oil being recovered from produced formation fluids.  With many conventional oil fields on decline extracting a few extra percent of hydrocarbons can be very valuable in extending the life of those fields.  Plus, the remaining formation water is cleaning and more environmentally friendly for over boarding into the ocean.

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